from Cebu to Leyte: relief goods, transport #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON December 2, 2013 AT 12:51 pm

via Gerard Haze Ypil on Facebook, 12:45PM.

“We are bringing a 10-wheeler truck (wing van) to Leyte, to distribute some relief goods, there’s still lots of room. If anyone needs to haul some stuff over there, please PM us. We will be leaving on Wednesday night.”

Dagami, Leyte: call for relief goods, cash #YolandaPH #urgentcalls

POSTED ON November 27, 2013 AT 5:04 pm

via Gerard Hazel Ypil on Facebook, 4:28PM.

This time our mission is personal: we have decided to provide help to the municipality of Dagami, Leyte. This is Hazel’s hometown, with 65 different barangays and a population of 35,000.

98% of the population had their houses destroyed and are still in need of food and shelter. 4,345 houses were totally damaged and 1,532 houses were partially damaged.

We hope to provide them with canned goods (anything except sardines), coffee, sugar, biscuits, nylon rope and tarpaulins.

We are accepting any form of help (in cash or in kind – just refer to the items listed above). Thank you again for your generosity.

Relief Effort Locations

Requirements & Pledges

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