Lipayran Island

Lipayran Island, Cebu #urgentcalls #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON November 14, 2013 AT 10:10 pm

via Aaron John Mendoyos on Facebook, last update 6:06PM:
“Lipayran still in need of relief operations as of today, November 14.”

His cousin Olive Ybanez calls for help for LIPAYRAN ISLAND, in Bantayan Cebu. timestamp: 12 November 2013 at 10:48. Culled from the original FB status:

“The small island in Bantayan called Lipiran is a fishing village with no fresh water source. <…> It is completely damaged and so are the other islands around it. The 2010 census shows it at a population o f 3,067. Now that same population is without food, water, medicine and shelter. No relief has come from the government and none from other organizations. Bantayan Island itself was ravaged so while we should expect something, it is also struggling with meager resources and limited relief goods that it cannot completely attend to the residents in the small islands. Most of the support it’s getting is also through relief efforts of its sons and daughters more than official relief agencies. Lipayran is also too small that it is off the radar of the media and everyone else.”

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