Cainta Rizal: rescue #urgentcalls #reliefPH #rescuePH #MarioPH

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For Cainta Rescue, send text messages to 0917-5333121.

Mayor Nieto: We will be the ones to call to arrange rescue. Save your batt, don’t call

Villamor Air Base: ANNOUNCEMENT, NOVEMBER 19 #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON November 19, 2013 AT 1:17 pm

via Operation Salubong Villamor Air Base on Facebook, November 19, timestamp 12:31PM.

Announcement from Ma’m Nicole Gamo, who is heading the Volunteer Management group now:

Hi everyone, for now, I am the only contact person for volunteer schedule as I’m tasked with Volunteer Management and we need to manage the number of volunteers per shift. There are 4 shifts: SHIFT 1: 8AM-3PM, SHIFT 2: 2PM-9PM, SHIFT 3: 8PM-3AM, GRAVEYARD SHIFT: 2AM-9AM.

For tomorrow (November 20), we will only accommodate the volunteers who were able to register at our temporary website ( for the Wednesday shift-onwards unless announced otherwise. Those who were able to register are required to print their ticket and show it to the guard at the gate. Only those with tickets will be let in, unless announced otherwise. Please bear with us as we are still coordinating with the Office of the President, the Philippine Air Force, and the DSWD. Hopefully we will have a final system up by tonight. We are also working on our official website and modifying this Facebook page accordingly. Please stay tuned for updates.

Given the influx of volunteers every shift, my IMMEDIATE need is a group of 6 volunteers per shift who can handle the Volunteer Management/Registration Desk (1 Shift Leader who I can delegate to and 5 members who will handle the walk-in volunteer sign ups). I’m good until the 6 a.m to 12 nn shift but after that I don’t have anyone to handle the Volunteer Registration desk anymore. For those interested, please message me as soon as you can so I can start delegating tasks and informing the ManComm and relief coordinators who to talk to per shift just in case I am not there.

We understand that everyone wants to help, but the space in Villamor Airbase is limited, and we’re trying to manage everyone not just the evacuees but also the volunteers and staff. For those who are asking until when the relief operations in Villamor Airbase will be, it is projected this will run for 2-3 more weeks which is why we need to be sure there are committed volunteers for all shifts everyday.

P.S: For those who are asking/wondering about food donations or setting up soup kitchens — please call the Food Committee Hotlines and look for Sharon or Liza. The numbers are 0915-4356565, 0998-4568600, 0907-8143040.

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