for Cebu Province, Bogo City: call for cash donations, relief goods, psychosocial support #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON December 7, 2013 AT 11:56 am

via Jojo V. Gabuya, 10:55AM.

“I am just hoping that those of you who had been raising funds to help the Yolanda victims in northern Cebu Province (especially in Bogo City, where I’m also one of the unfortunate victims), will come directly to our aid and assist us, physically, emotionally, and socially, instead of channeling your funds to government agencies who are making money out of donated relief goods, esp. those coming from foreign countries. I can lead you to communities and groups who are in dire need of your material help and psychosocial support. Thank you very much in advance!”

VILLAMOR AIR BASE: call for volunteers #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON December 2, 2013 AT 1:33 pm

via the Art Relief Mobile Kitchen on Facebook, Mia Macapagal, 1:00pm.

Just served the fastest, busiest lunch ever. An estimated 500 or so meals from 11 am to 12:30, serving sinigang na baboy, nilagang baka, roasted chicken and pansit. And all accomplished by a skeletal team of about less than 15 volunteers.

So. For our shoutout, we have most of the items already we need on hand or on the way. We just need YOU, volunteers, to make it happen.

We’re still welcoming volunteers for now, later and tomorrow. Just sign up in the google docs. No need for confirmation and just come. Hope to see you there!

from Cebu to Leyte: relief goods, transport #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON December 2, 2013 AT 12:51 pm

via Gerard Haze Ypil on Facebook, 12:45PM.

“We are bringing a 10-wheeler truck (wing van) to Leyte, to distribute some relief goods, there’s still lots of room. If anyone needs to haul some stuff over there, please PM us. We will be leaving on Wednesday night.”

Visayas: call for doctors, midwives #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON December 1, 2013 AT 2:46 pm

via Kusog Tacloban on Facebook, 11:47AM.

Doctors Without Borders is still hiring! The search for 4 more doctors and 2 more midwives for their hospital in Burauen has been expanded. Doctors Without Borders will pay for transportation from Manila/Cebu/Davao for people who are hired for these jobs. The jobs are paid positions, and provide accommodations and meals/meal allowance. Applicants must be ready to serve for at least a month. Please contact Marie Apostol at 09175244953 or text/call Areti of Doctors Without Borders at 09998069523 and mention you were referred by Marie/Kusog Tacloban.

for Burauen Leyte: call for doctors, midwives, nutritionists #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON December 1, 2013 AT 3:41 am

There is a call for doctors, midwives and nutritionists for Burauen Leyte sounded through Kusog Tacloban.

This is with compensation, a minimum of one month, and a maximum of two.

For more information go to the Kusog Tacloban Facebook Page.

Visayas: call for tents and tarpaulins #YolandaPH #reliefPH #rebuildPH

POSTED ON December 1, 2013 AT 3:31 am

via Karin Escaño on Facebook, Nov 30, 3:30PM.

“With the aim to re-open schools and conduct classes ASAP, Department of Education needs large tents and tarpaulins to be able to implement this program. We need your help for tents and tarps to be used as temporary classrooms. Make a difference and sponsor a classroom/school today!:) Please contact Mario A. Deriquito of Dep Ed at 0917-676-5936, or message me at 0917-559-5364 for more details! Thanks so much!:)#yolandaph #DepEd #adoptaschool”

Dagami, Leyte: call for relief goods, cash #YolandaPH #urgentcalls

POSTED ON November 27, 2013 AT 5:04 pm

via Gerard Hazel Ypil on Facebook, 4:28PM.

This time our mission is personal: we have decided to provide help to the municipality of Dagami, Leyte. This is Hazel’s hometown, with 65 different barangays and a population of 35,000.

98% of the population had their houses destroyed and are still in need of food and shelter. 4,345 houses were totally damaged and 1,532 houses were partially damaged.

We hope to provide them with canned goods (anything except sardines), coffee, sugar, biscuits, nylon rope and tarpaulins.

We are accepting any form of help (in cash or in kind – just refer to the items listed above). Thank you again for your generosity.

Palo Leyte: relief goods #YolandaPH #urgentcalls

POSTED ON November 27, 2013 AT 2:24 am

via Marilyn Cordevilla Plata on Facebook, 1:48AM.

A desperate message from my cousin in Palo, Leyte Mellisa Capacio Bantiles:

“Actually, dito sa aming Brgy Guindapunan, Palo, Leyte isang beses palang nagbigay ng relief goods dahil not in good terms ang Mayor at Brgy Chairman kawawang mga constituents, kelangan na lang dumiskarte para makasurvive, sana parehas naman magbigay kami rin naman mga biktima nawalan din at nagugutom…Paano ang salat sa deskarte? Sana mabigyan kami ng tulong lalo na tag-ulan lagi na lang kami mga basa…salamat po.”


Hanggang kailan ganiyan? Mga kaibigan…patulong naman

Biliran: relief goods #urgentcalls #YolandaPH

POSTED ON November 27, 2013 AT 2:20 am

via Dino Manrique on Facebook, Nov 27, 1:18PM.

“Just talked to Victor A. Del Rosario this morning (Nov 26), and he says the people of the island/province of Biliran, Leyte are going hungry. He said that according to government figures, 20 thousand Biliran citizens are now homeless.

He and his organization went around the province and gave away 500 relief packs which he said hardly made a dent to alleviate the plight of the starving population. He said that for some reason the government relief goods are not moving out of the warehouses. Local NGOs have come to their aid but they are few and far between, Victor said.

Victor called me on his mobile phone and is now in Ormoc on the way to Cebu so he can go online and tell the world about Biliran. He also plans to ask around about getting a ship in Cebu so he can deliver relief goods from there to Biliran, himself. But first, he has to collect food packs for the people of Biliran.

Contact Victor del Rosario at: 0999-9957829.

Tibiao, Antique: call for school supplies #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON November 27, 2013 AT 2:16 am

via Sue Quirante on Facebook, Nov 26, 1:00PM.


While their parents are busy rebuilding their houses ravaged by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, the school children of Sto. Rosario Elementary School in Tibiao, Antique resume basic education with hardly anything. Notebooks, papers, pencils, ballpens, crayons, erasers and sharpeners are needed by 1st to 6th graders.

If you are moved to help in this way, please send Julie Anne Osunero at this number 09175481431. She is based in Antique and is in direct contact with the principal of Sto. Rosario Elem School.

Thank you for reading and sharing this.

Jackie Pacificador
MA student
UP College of Education

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