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Cadiz City, Negros Occidental #urgentcalls #YolandaPH

POSTED ON November 18, 2013 AT 6:42 pm

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“RT @laiahdear Relief ops have yet to reach Cadiz City. People there in need, too. #ReliefPH”

Negros Occidental: relief goods #YolandaPH #reliefPH

POSTED ON November 16, 2013 AT 1:10 pm

The Dream Project Philippines is focusing on delivering relief goods to the areas on Negros Occidental affected by Typhoon Yolanda including: – Escalante, Toboso, Cadiz, Calatrava, San Carlos, Sagay.

Contact: Prim Paypon | 0908-8100424 | |

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Tacloban #urgentcalls #YolandaPH #rescuePH

POSTED ON November 14, 2013 AT 9:32 pm

Streetlight in Tacloban is housing 72 children who have survived the storm with the orphanage staff. It seems a Negros Occidental orphanage is willing to house the kids — can anyone connect us to Kalipay Negrense Foundation?

The Norwegian who runs the orphanage has said in a CNN interview that he’d really like to get the children out of Tacloban, as they are running out of food and water.

Would anyone know of how we can get these kids to Negros Occidental? is there money being spent on just buying people tickets, or getting them on a boat? would there be a plane that PAL can just lend us, a boat or ferry that will get this people from one place to another for free? TRANSPORT SOS! #reliefPH #rescuePH

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